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It’s a common morning practice to begin each day with a fresh, hot cup of coffee or tea to warm our bodies. The idea of drinking warm water in the morning instead seems outlandish to many, since people commonly prefer it cold.

But consuming warm water, especially in the morning, can promote a variety of healing benefits on the body, encouraging digestive power and lessening metabolic waste that may have accumulated in the immune system.

Processed cold water is entirely lacking of a variety of essential minerals that could work against the digestive tract when consuming food. Drinking warm water may not be something you necessarily enjoy, but the benefits are incredible.

But first how much water should we be drinking? To answer this: it depends! typically between 3 and 4 litres is about the right amount. But if you are very active or sweat a lot, you might need more. So the key is to start with that amount and then pay attention to your body and see how it feels. If you are getting tired and headaches often, try drinking more water.

Onto the 5 benefits you will enjoy from drinking warm water regularly.

Helps Bid Mucus Accumulation Goodbye

Research has found that warm beverages, in comparison to cold ones, are better able to decrease the buildup of mucus in the nose, throat, and gastrointestinal tract, therefore reducing the risk of virus or bacteria growth in those areas. One study noted that sipping on hot water improved the amount of mucus velocity by up to 8.4 mm per minutes as opposed to its earlier 6.22 per minute. This suggests drinking hot water is a beneficial tool in keeping mucus moving.

Cleanses Digestion

Research has found that consuming a warm cup of water in the morning can help the body cleanse more efficiently by way of flushing out toxins. Water is one of the liquids known to aid in the breakdown of food in the stomach, ensuring the digestive system stays on track. Drinking cold water during or after a meal, on the other hand, can harden the oil in consumed foods, resulting in fat deposit in the intestine.

Stops Premature Aging

Because the presence of toxins in the body can lead to premature aging, warm water is key, since, as previously noted, it helps cleanse the body from those toxins. It also repairs skin cells affected by free radicals in order to increase elasticity. Warm water is also beneficial for ensuring your skin stays acne- and pimple-free, since it cleanses you internally and eliminates the bacteria associated with such skin conditions.

Relieves Constipation

Not having proper bowel movements can be entirely uncomfortable or downright painful. Ingesting warm or hot water in the morning on an empty stomach can ensure minimal bloating and an easy elimination process. It will boost bowel movements and help prevent constipation while also breaking down foods to smoothly pass through the intestines. For the best results, the British Homeopathic Association recommends drinking a glass of warm water every day upon waking, before consuming any foods.

Boosts Blood Circulation

Drinking a glass of warm water ensures the elimination of fat deposits in the body and the accumulating deposits in the nervous system. Along with this elimination go the toxins circulating throughout the body. The end result is enhanced blood circulation, which water in general improves. In fact, researchers found elevated blood thickness volume of red blood cells and the protein fibrinogen that attributes to the clotting process in individuals who consumed less than two glasses of water a day as opposed to those who drank five or more.


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