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79-Year-Old Vet with Dementia Evicted by Gov’t from Home He OWNED Over Unpaid Property Taxes


An elderly veteran who has owned his home since the 1930’s was evicted and thrown out on the street by government because he couldn’t afford his property taxes.

Fort Worth, TX – A 79-year-old veteran suffering from dementia was evicted from his long-time family home on Friday, and his belongings scattered across the front yard, after failing to pay a $6,000 property tax bill.

All this is furniture from my living room,” Billie McGruder, who lived in the house for decades, told a crew from CBS DFW. “It’s out there for everybody to see.

Only two weeks prior to his 80th birthday, McGruder got a knock on the door informing him that it was time to vacate the home he inherited from his parents who bought the house in the 1930s.

They come to evict me for back taxes,” said McGruder.

Tarrant County records reveal that authorities seized his home over nearly $6,000 in unpaid taxes and auctioned the property off to a real estate company for $38,000.

While Tarrant County Precinct 8 Constable Michael Campbell told WFAA that the eviction followed standard protocol, with the property being sold on January 2, 2017, to a new owner, McGruder said he didn’t know what was happening to his home in recent months, understand the letters about overdue taxes or realize that his home was being put up for auction.

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