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A Gigantic Mushroom Cloud Has Been Seen On Mars


mars-mushroom-cloud-2015This Mars Orbiter, which was launched by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) on November 5, 2013 has spotted what looks like a mushroom cloud on the planet’s surface.

Taken by the onboard Mars Colour Camera (MCC), these images have been quickly uploaded to the ISRO’s website, with a great amount of detail.

The large mushroom cloud was sighted in the Valles Marineris Canyon, which is located along the equator of the planet, which spans close to a quarter of the planet’s circumference.

Looking like something out of a nuclear explosion, there looks to be a crater formed underneath the cloud. There isn’t a logical explanation at this point about the cause of the cloud. There are many speculations swirling around of it being an actual nuclear mushroom cloud.

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