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After Falling For His Own Myth, McGregor’s Upcoming Rematch At 170lbs Is Taking A Heavy Risk


As Conor McGregor looked on at Jose Aldo at UFC 200, he wanted to let everyone know he’s still here, that he’s made his mark. He’s was used to leaving marks on opponents, but his own myth has left its mark on him. It was a rare appearance before UFC 202 where he intends to right a wrong, a wrong he did to himself.

No sooner had Aldo hit the floor than Conor brought the featherweight division to a standstill, with his ambitious desires for solidifying his legacy as a double UFC title holder. Those same desires were then stalled, somewhat by Dos Anjos’ injury, leading to McGregor’s invincibility being scuttled at the hands of Nate Diaz, but Conor also stifled his own ambitions.

The idea was simple for UFC management. McGregor was (still is) a money graviton for the UFC. He could bounce between weight divisions to challenge other weight classes for their kingship, while still defending his feathered crown, adding to his mythology, marketability, and drawing power for spectators, profiting UFC bank accounts. This enticed the UFC management, and they seemed eager to help but was this idea gifting McGregor too much leverage?

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