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Alex Jones releases ‘secret TAPE of Megyn Kelly’: Infowars founder double-crosses ‘fraud’ NBC host with ‘covert recording’ and vows to reveal full audio of their controversial interview BEFORE it airs



  • Alex Jones has released audio of his interview with Megyn Kelly on Thursday
  • Says he suspected Kelly and NBC would misrepresent him over his claims the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012 was a hoax
  • Radio host asked NBC to cancel the segment but his request was refused 
  • In what is claimed to be a sneak peak of the recording released, a woman who sounds like Kelly can be heard saying ‘it’s not going to be some gotcha hit piece’
  • Infowars will release ‘full behind-the-scenes with Megyn Kelly’ Thursday night 

Alex Jones has released what he claims is a secretly recorded conversation between himself and Megyn Kelly – and is threatening to release the full covertly-recorded audio of their controversial interview before it airs on Sunday.

The Infowars founder on Thursday night hit back at Kelly before the interview even airs, claiming the NBC host will misrepresent his views after she spent the week being hammered by all sides for interviewing the Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist.

In a video posted to Jones’ Twitter, a recording of an apparent pre-interview phone call between the two is played, with a woman who sounds like Kelly saying: ‘All I can do is give you my word and tell you if there’s one thing about me, I do what I say I’m gonna do, and I don’t double-cross.’

‘You know you just became very fascinating to me. I just always thought you were this maybe, one-dimensional guy, like this is your thing…’

‘My goal is for your listeners and the left – you know, who will be watching some on NBC – to say, “Wow, that was really interesting.”‘

‘And then the next time I wanna get somebody, they’re gonna say, “Look what you did to Alex Jones!” It’s not going to be some gotcha hit piece, I promise you that.’

News of Kelly’s interview with Jones has caused outrage, with the parents of Sandy Hook children objecting to her giving Jones the publicity. They were backed up by a number of parents, including Chelsea Clinton.

Amid growing anger, Kelly has been fired as the host of a Sandy Hook charity event and JP Morgan Chase has dropped its adverts from NBC until after the interview airs.

Jones now claims that Kelly will edit the piece to make him look crazy, and so he plans to show his own side of the conversation with an unedited version of the interview.

In the video posted to his Twitter he said: ‘Tonight at, we’re going to have the full behind-the-scenes with Megyn Kelly released.’

 ‘God, she was like, “I want to get steaks with you, I’m obsessed with you, oh my god,” you know, wailing around in her seat – it was all c**p.

‘And I knew it was all a lie. I said Sandy Hook happened, everything, she wouldn’t even put it in the promo pieces.

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