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Why America’s Opioid Epidemic Won’t Get Better


“The White House Office of Management and Budget was not aware of a policy change last year that severely tied the hands of drug enforcement officers going after suspicious sales of prescription painkillers, according to an investigation by The Post and “60 Minutes.” These are the same drugs that have led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people across the country over the past decade.

And why would OMB need to know? Nobody in Congress objected when it voted to approve the legislation last year that would make the change, which made it virtually impossible for the Drug Enforcement Administration to freeze narcotics shipments by requiring the agency to prove “imminent danger.” It slipped by — considered “uncontroversial.”

The Justice Department and the DEA didn’t object to the legislation either. Nor did top drug-policy officials at the White House when they handed it to President Barack Obama to sign.”

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