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With the appeal of pay-per-view fights disappearing, boxing really is on the ropes


is column will start with a consumer-friendly warning: I’m writing about boxing.

So if you want to direct your attention to our Dodgers or Rams coverage, go ahead. You probably should.

Because boxing is dead.

Now, you have probably read something like this every few years and you know that predictions of the sport’s demise have always been wrong. Boxing continued to survive, if not thrive, with new benchmarks in pay-per-view viewership established in every passing decade.

Except today, the sport looks as if it is really in trouble.

While boxing has already existed outside of the mainstream over the last couple of decades, it managed to reclaim center stage by producing an occasional megafight. Now, even that is under threat, with the sport looking destined to remain solely on the fringes of the American sports landscape.

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