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Assange blasts ‘absurd’ bid to class WikiLeaks a hostile intelligence service

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange slammed efforts to officially class his whistleblowing organization as a “non-state hostile intelligence service” – branding it an attempt to put the ‘Pompeo Doctrine’ into law.

The Senate Intelligence Committee is proposing a provision in its annual ‘intelligence authorisation’ bill to declare WikiLeaks as such.

“It is the sense of Congress that WikiLeaks and the senior leadership of WikiLeaks resemble a non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors and should be treated as such a service by the United States,” the bill states.

Published Friday, the bill was passed by the committee late last month on a 14-1 vote. Democrat Ron Wyden of Oregon voted against the measure citing the “legal, constitutional and policy implications” that the WikiLeaks provision may entail.

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