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Astronomers Have Finally Discovered Another Earth…


A planet that’s a mere 500 light years away was #discovered and the most shocking part is, that it has a lot of characteristics of #Earth and it could support human life. We’ve always wondered whether another #planet could sustain life and while many have thought #Mars to be the next target of colonization, now, #scientists are looking towards a planet called Kepler 186F.

10. It’s 500 Light Years Away

9. Kepler 186F May Not Have Day & Night

8. Kepler 186F Is the First Known Planet to Be Found That Could Be Habitable

7. Scientists Believe Kepler 186F Can Sustain Life, Like Another Earth

6. Kepler 186F Is A Historical Find

5. There Are Five Different Planets in The Kepler 186F Solar Star System

4. Kepler 186F’s Red Dwarf Star is Cooler Than the Sun


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