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Bad Apples? HALF of All TSA Employees Accused of Misconduct — Many of them Repeat Offenders


Earlier this month, a special needs teenager returning home from a brain tumor treatment at St. Jude Hospital was left battered, bloodied and in jail after an encounter with Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents at a security checkpoint.

Seventy-two TSA agents are on the DHS terrorist watch list. The blue-gloved bandits have been caught in every crime from smuggling cocaine to sexually assaulting passengers in the bathroom to groping children — yet the American public is forced to keep funding them.

Aside from being a criminal gang of sexual predators and thieves, the TSA is entirely incompetent in their ostensible position of keeping airlines safe. Multiple reports and incidents have pointed out the sheer inability of the TSA to protect anyone.

This facade of protection also comes with a hefty price tag, outside of the forced taxation — long lines. According to

Despite the Transportation Security Administration’s ten-point action plan to reduce long lines at airports across the country, lengthy queues remain.

It’s time to face the facts — the police state monstrosity known as the TSA is an utter rights-violating disaster.

Nothing highlights this notion quite like a recent study conducted by the Department of Homeland security.

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