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Bellefontaine Neighbors police officer uses racial slur


bellafontaine neighbors, moA former cop says a high ranking Bellefontaine Neighbors police officer was caught on police video, using the n-word to describe a black woman.

The officer who was there and says he reported it, breaks his silence and tells News 4 what happened and how he says the Bellefontaine Neighbors PD responded.

Four years ago, with Christmas music playing in the background, a white Bellefontaine Neighbors cop stopped a black woman driving a rental car. A higher ranked officer arrived to assist the officer. The car came up as stolen in a police database, but the woman had all of her paperwork, and it was clear, very quickly that it wasn’t stolen.

So, the woman was free to go, which meant No Report Needed, or N-R-N. However, on the police video, the officer seen in the video says the higher ranked officer used the n-word as he described N-R-N as a N—– Running North. N-R-N. Seconds later, there was laughter.

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