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Bernie Sanders Goes Off on MSNBC’s Mitchell: ‘Don’t Moan to Me About Hillary’s Problems’

The day after his second consecutive primary win in West Virginia, Bernie Sanders rejects the media narrative that he’s helping Donald Trump.

On the heels of winning the Democratic presidential primary in West Virginia, a week after a triumph in Indiana, Bernie Sanders attempted to take a victory lap early Wednesday afternoon on MSNBC. But while host Andrea Mitchell did begin with acknowledgement of the senator’s wins, she was quick to throw cold water on any progress the distant underdog candidate might have made.

For one, Mitchell noted that Sanders came out of West Virginia with the same number of delegates as Hillary Clinton, once you consider the superdelegates, meaning the state did nothing to help him catch up. And secondly, she challenged his notion that he would be the better general election candidate by pointing to exit poll data in West Virginia that claims a third of his supporters there would actually vote for Donald Trump in the fall.

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