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Breaking: Dispatch Audio From Castile Killing Reveals Cop Pulled Him Over for Having “Wide Nose”


Minneapolis, MN – New developments in the killing of Philando Castile have revealed potentially crucial information that gives new insight into the incident. In a dispatch recording posted by KARE 11 in Minnesota, audio clips of dispatch recordings related to Castile’s death reveal new details about what transpired.

In the shocking video, streamed on Facebook Live, Philando Castile is seen bleeding to death after a Minnesota police officer shot him through his driver-side car window. His girlfriend, Lavish Reynolds, also know as Diamond Reynolds, captured the horrific scene on her cell phone, narrating the tragic events, and streaming them live on Facebook.

Reynolds had claimed that the reason they were pulled over, according to the officer, was due to a broken taillight, which she claims didn’t exist. This new information seemingly obliterates the narrative of this being a legit traffic stop as the recording indicates the officer believed Castile to be a robbery suspect.

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