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Caitlyn Jenner’s Response to Transgender Ban Exemplifies My Biggest Issue with Republicans


When it comes to Republicans, in particular Trump supporters, there’s a litany of things that disgust me about them that I could list here. From the bigotry, to the racism, to the outright ignorance it takes to believe a con man like Trump should be president, it’s all absolutely inexcusable. As some have joked, myself included, it’s almost as if they’re going out of their way to turn the movie Idiocracy into a prophetic documentary.

That being said, the main characteristic about Republicans that’s always bothered me most was their blatant hypocrisy and talking points that often contradicted the reality of how their party behaved.

There’s a question I’ve asked for over two decades now that I’ve still yet to have rationally answered. How can Ronald Reagan be the epitome of “fiscal conservatism” when he raised taxes on several occasions and nearly tripled the national debt during his eight years in office?

Another example of the selfish hypocrisy of which I’m talking about was shown on Wednesday by Trump supporter Caitlyn Jenner, who sent out this tweet following his announcement that transgender Americans would no longer be allowed to serve, in any capacity, in the U.S.  military:

It’s amazing, isn’t it?

Apparently, Jenner was fine when Trump:

  • Slandered Mexicans.
  • Vilified immigrants.
  • Pushed hate against Muslims.
  • Tweeted out anti-African American propaganda made by white supremacists.
  • Belittled POWs.
  • Attacked Gold Star parents.
  • Made sexist comments.
  • Mocked the appearance of Ted Cruz’s wife.
  • Fueled a campaign filled with so much hate, he inspired the KKK, white nationalists, and neo-Nazis to become more politically active than they’ve been in decades.
  • Spent the last few weeks pushing for a health care bill that will strip insurance away from millions, literally killing people.

Despite all of that, Jenner still voted for Trump because none of his previous horrific behavior was really aimed at her or any sort of demographic to which she belongs. It wasn’t until he did something aimed at individuals like herself, transgender Americans, that she’s now speaking out against him.

See, that’s what drives me crazy about Republicans. They’re perfectly fine letting their politicians vilify or screw over other groups of people, just as long as that GOP ignorance doesn’t impact them.

It’s the mindset I’ve seen from so many of them living on Medicare, Social Security, food stamps, Medicaid, or some other government program they need to survive, yet don’t think they’re “mooching off the government” as they accuse millions of others of doing. Sure, when Republicans stand up and say people need to “take personal responsibility for themselves instead of relying on a handout from the government” they all applaud in approval. Yet when you point out to them that they, themselves, are heavily reliant upon help from the government — they always have an excuse as to why they’re “different than the moochers” they often have no problem attacking.

It’s sickening, yet I see it all the time.

Back when the same-sex marriage debate was at its most heated, with everything terrible that Dick Cheney is, he was actually pro-gay marriage. Why? Because he has a daughter who’s a lesbian. Since that particular issue touched home with Cheney, he was far more “progressive” on same-sex marriage than many of his colleagues.

It’s that same mindset Jenner displayed on Wednesday.

With all the horrific things Trump has said and done, not just during his political career, but throughout his life, she still voted for him last November. Yet now that his hateful ignorance has targeted a demographic of Americans to which she belongs, now she’s calling him out for being a liar — even though this is who he’s always been.

This is one of the biggest differences between progressives and conservatives.

As progressives, we fight for the rights for all people and demographics. I’m a straight, white Christian male who frequently fights for, and defends, the rights of women, Muslims, minorities, the LGBT community, immigrants, and any other group of people whose rights I feel are being trampled on. I don’t belong to any of those particular groups, yet I stand up for them anyway because it’s the right thing to do.

Whereas conservatives only care about themselves. Most are perfectly fine if other groups of people are discriminated against or vilified — just as long as they aren’t directly impacted. Because once they are, look out, that’s when they want answers as to why the very same politicians they’ve defended and supported are now doing to them the same crap they had no problem with them doing to other groups of people.

It’s hypocrisy at its worst.

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