First Major Clinical Trials Show Magic Mushrooms Heal Mental Illness like a ‘Surgical Intervention’


In June 2015 we reported on the re-emerging field of using psychedelics to treat mental illness, with psilocybin, in particular, showing great promise for chronic anxiety and depression. Western medicine began realizing its potential in […]

NFL is Punishing a Player for Using Medical Marijuana to Treat His Crohn’s Disease

Seantrel Henderson

Buffalo Bills third-year offensive lineman Seantrel Henderson has just been hit with his second suspension of the season for violating the NFL’s substance-abuse policy. What makes this case different is the fact that Henderson’s substance […]

WATCH: Cannabis Nasal Spray Stops Childrens’ Seizures Immediately, But It’s Only Available in One State


Over the past couple of years, many videos have emerged showing parents administering cannabis oil to stop epileptic seizures in their children. This undeniable proof of medical cannabis to treat epilepsy is part of the […]