US cities mobilize against climate change without Trump

clean technologies

Even as President Donald Trump steers the United States away from actively fighting climate change, a number of American cities and states are continuing to pursue renewable energies to reduce their carbon footprint. Around three dozen states – even some headed by Republicans – have established policies that require power companies to expand the amount of renewable energy they produce […]

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Siberian Crater Mystery: Are Exploding Gas Pockets Really to Blame?

Siberian Crater

Is the Siberian permafrost exploding? Recent reports out of the Arctic Circle suggest that methane pockets are erupting and causing huge craters, but scientists aren’t so sure that these features are necessarily the result of detonations — or that they are even new. A Siberian Times article suggested that 7,000 underground gas bubbles are set to “explode” on the peninsulas […]

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DEA ‘Chief Propagandist’ Says Agency Knows Pot is Safe, Keeps it Illegal for Profit


“Marijuana is safe, we know it is safe. It’s our cash cow and we will never give up,” Belita Nelson told an audience of doctors and nurses at the Marijuana for Medical Professionals Conference in Denver, Colorado this month.6 Nelson says that was the first thing she learned from her Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) education coordinator, Paul Villaescusa, when she […]

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While Donald Trump was reviving both the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines, muzzling federal employees, freezing EPA contracts, and first telling the EPA to remove mentions of climate change from its website — and then reversing course — many of the scientists who work on climate change in federal agencies were meeting just a few miles from the White House to […]

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