Why does the government hide the fact that we are not alone in the universe. Aliens have played a significant role in the history of the world.

WATCH: Attorneys In DNC Fraud Lawsuit Seek Court’s Protection, Cite Seth Rich

DNC Fraud Lawsuit

Attorneys Jared and Elizabeth Beck of the DNC Fraud lawsuit publicly announced today via Facebook live stream that they had filed a motion to the court seeking an order of protection. Jared Beck spoke, explaining that the decision was based in part on the unusual deaths of Shawn Lucas, Beranton Whisenant, and Seth Rich, as well as threats and bizarre […]

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While The Media Used Bill Maher as a Distraction, Trump Quietly Covered Up US War Crimes


As news of Bill Maher’s racial slur filled the airwaves, Donald Trump moved to erase history and cover up war crimes committed by the US. Given what Americans already know about the secret torture and murders, the fact that even more evidence exists is shocking. While the mainstream media devoted an agonizing amount of coverage to an HBO host’s use […]

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The CIA publishes declassified documents about pyramids and a lost civilization on Mars


Recently published declassified documents by the CIA reveal interesting details about Mars. The document, which dates back to May 22, 1984, mentioned “Massive ‘megalithic’ walls, Pyramids and extremely tall ‘beings’ on Mars. In January, the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States, the CIA, published online more than 12 million pages of declassified documents. Among them, ufologists have found a very interesting […]

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Evidence Piling up That Seth Rich Leaked DNC Emails to Wikileaks

It’s becoming more and more difficult to write the Seth Rich murder off as just a conspiracy theory. The evidence is growing that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich leaked over 44,000 emails to Wikileaks. Democrats assert that the Russians hacked into the DNC’s emails. However,  Julian Assange of Wikileaks maintains that the Russians didn’t do it. He says a disgruntled insider did it. […]

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Kim Dotcom Goes All In: ‘I Knew Seth Rich… I Was Involved’


Kim Dotcom; hacker, serial entrepreneur – and for a while the #1 ranked Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 player in the world – may be the key to the entire Seth Rich saga. From testimony in the Wikileaks investigation to Rich’s still unsolved murder – and facing extradition – Dotcom is ready to go nuclear… To bring you up to speed Last week, Private Investigator Rod Wheeler appeared on Fox5 news in […]

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CIA Document Confirms Reality Of Humans With ‘Special Abilities’ Able To Do ‘Impossible’ Things

Humans With ‘Special Abilities’

Superhuman abilities have been studied for thousands of years in all walks of life. Religious ‘miracles’ often with hundreds of witnesses have been said to be due to psychic abilities, but studies in China have overwhelming proof that these stories are more than just speculation. For the past 20 years scientists have been studying subjects in China who appear to […]

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This Forgotten Email From John Podesta Explains It All!


If this forgotten email sent out last year by Crooked Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta, doesn’t convince you that Seth Rich was more than likely murdered by the Crooked Hillary campaign, nothing will. Forwarded by Sgt. Joe Big’s Twitter: That time Podesta said he’d make an example out of a leaker #SethRich pic.twitter.com/zJp0lUjFRe — Joe Biggs (@Rambobiggs) May 16, […]

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