Bernie Sanders Goes Off on MSNBC’s Mitchell: ‘Don’t Moan to Me About Hillary’s Problems’


The day after his second consecutive primary win in West Virginia, Bernie Sanders rejects the media narrative that he’s helping Donald Trump. On the heels of winning the Democratic presidential primary in West Virginia, a week […]

Bernie Sanders’ Releases New Anti-War Ad That May End Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

hillary clinton war hawk

Bernie Sanders’ just released a new Anti-War Ad that exposes everything that’s wrong with the American Foreign Policy. Bernie has always considered war as the last resort, not the first. For Hilary, being the establishment […]

Media Implicates Saudis in Plotting of 9/11, Distracts From U.S. and Israel Involvement

John Stewart 911 Outside Job

Recently the mainstream media has been plastered with headlines exposing how Saudi Arabia was instrumental in implementing the attacks on 9/11, and how it had been “classified” originally only because of Saudi backmail. The recent wave of stories points […]

Complete MSM Blackout as Americans Protest Their Fake Presidential Election Process


Over 500 people have been arrested now for “unlawful demonstration activity” as protests against our rigged presidential election process continue on Capitol Hill this week with over a thousand people showing up in just that […]