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Could domestic cats be alien plants? A new theory is starting to gain ground on the internet which suggests that ordinary domestic cats might be artificially constructed creatures used by an alien face to monitor and observe human beings. While this theory might sound rather outlandish, it is gaining in popularity and has a surprising amount of evidence to back it up. Much of the suspicion surrounding cats concerns their physiological make-up. For such an apparently simple mammal, the common domestic cat has some physical anomalies which scientists find baffling. For instance, after intensive study zoologists still don’t know how cats make a purring nose. They are also confused by the fact that cats have considerable more cones in their eyes than other similar creatures giving it vastly superior vision. In addition to that, the physiology of the common domestic cat allows it to survive situations which would kill a similar creature. For instance, cats have been known to fall from extraordinary heights without even breaking a bone. Other evidence for the theory is a matter of historical record. There is no mention of domesticated cats in any ancient literature before the ancient Egyptians. According to Ryan Haupt, a paleontologist at the University of Wyoming, Egypt is ‘the best guess’ for the origin of domestic cats as a species. The position of domestic cats in ancient Egyptian society is fairly curious. They were beloved as pets and mourned as though they were valuable family members when they died. According to the status and wealth of the owner of the cat, they were embalmed and buried along the banks of the Nile. In addition to that, the penalty for killing a cat in this ancient society was death. This worshipful attitude towards cats seems to come from the notion that they were ‘gifts from the gods.’ Given the vast bulk of evidence which suggests that the highly advanced ancient Egyptian people were in contact with extra-terrestrial beings, the theory that cats might have a more sinister purpose than people realize doesn’t seem so far-fetched after all.

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