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Cenk Uygur Joins The Chorus Demanding That Trump Escalate Further With Russia


“Reminder that there are two kinds of Trump-Russia stories: those we pay attention to because they serve a narrative, and those we ignore because they don’t,” tweeted The Real News‘ Aaron Maté yesterday in response to the news that the Trump administration had authorized the sale of hundreds of anti-tank missiles to Ukraine. “This one falls into latter category.”

“That piss-tape kompromat surely dropping any day now,” added journalist Mark Ames, a sarcastic reference to the fact that backing off on calls to arm Ukraine was an explicitly named part of the allegations in the notorious Steele dossier as one of the benefits Russia was supposed to have received from its “collusion” with the Trump campaign.

“If US media attitudes re: Russia weren’t so hopelessly blinkered, this could be identified as the dangerous escalation that it is — rather than ignored or spun because it doesn’t comport with the narrative that so many are now wedded to,” said The Young Turks‘ Michael Tracey.

These commentators are all pointing to the now-undeniable trend of mainstream media outlets ignoring all of this administration’s many, many world-threatening escalations against Russia while hastening to label any slight inertia towards even more escalations as evidence of collusion. These extremely hawkish provocations against a nuclear superpower are an issue on which Trump could very easily be attacked from the left in opposition to a possible third and final world war, but instead they choose to attack him from the right and help increase the probability of one.

To recap: in addition to facilitating the years-long neoconservative agenda to arm Ukraine against Russia (a move the Obama administration resistedfor fear of needlessly angering Moscow), this administration has killed Russians in Syria as part of its insane regime change occupation of that country, espoused a Nuclear Posture Review with greatly increased aggression toward Russia and blurred lines between when nuclear strikes are and are not appropriate, sent war ships into the Black Sea “to counter Russia’s increased presence there,” forced RT and Sputnik to register as foreign agents, expanded NATO with the addition of Montenegro, assigned Russia hawk Kurt Volker as special representative to Ukraine, shut down a Russian consulate in San Francisco and thrown out Russian diplomats.

But none of that is enough for these seething empire loyalists, including (and this should come as no surprise at this point if you’ve been paying attention) TYT boss Cenk Uygur.

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