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Colorado Governor shills out on pot, saying ‘legalizing was likely a bad idea’


John-HickenlooperDENVER, Colo. (INTELLIHUB) — Gov. John Hickenlooper (D/CO) has opposed pot from the beginning, although the vote, making marijuana legal for recreation in the state passed by majority, 55 to 45, in 2012. Now in 2015 Hickenlooper still has the same opinion.

While Hickenlooper wishes he could have “reversed the election”, he can’t. And now he is telling other states to follow his lead to put a stop on the business or impose more stringent regulations.

Hickenlooper went as far as to say that it’s a “cash business” which may attract “organized crime” and “corruption”, pushing the gambit even further, shilling out with a streamlined narrative.

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