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Cop Beats, Tasers, Chokes, Handcuffed Compliant Man as Fellow Cops Do NOTHING


A disturbing video was released this week showing a raging cop torture a compliant handcuffed man in broad daylight as fellow cops did nothing.

Meridian, MS — A Meridian police officer has been fired after he was accused of using excessive force against a handcuffed man in the parking lot of a Walmart. This week, Police Chief Benny Dubose released the dash cam footage of the incident in the name of transparency.

The dash cam was released by the department to show why they fired officer Daniel Starks this week. The disturbing video shows the danger people are put in when dealing with police officers who lose their temper and become violent.

The incident began as police were responding to a call of a suspected shoplifter at Walmart. As the officer pulled the suspect over as he pulled out of the Walmart, the man complied without incident.

The first officer’s dash cam shows him speeding across the parking lot to catch the man driving away. The man then pulls over as the officer rushes his vehicle with his gun drawn. As soon as the man complies, however, the initial officer puts his gun away and the suspect allowed himself to be handcuffed.

According to Chief Dubose, up until this point, all proper protocols were followed. However, when Starks showed up, the otherwise contained situation turned violent thanks to this loose cannon cop.

As the initial officer handcuffed the suspect, Starks ran up to him and hit him in the face. Not only was this an act of assault but it also put the other officer in danger as the suspect could’ve potentially broken free while being handcuffed.

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