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Cop Runs Stop Sign with No Lights On, Not Responding to a Call, and Kills a Man—Hasn’t Even Gotten a Ticket


A police officer was seen driving on the wrong side of the road with no lights on, running a stop sign and killing a man on a scooter and hasn’t even received a ticket.

Atlanta, GA — Highlighting the problem of blue privilege in America, an Atlanta police officer ran a stop sign, killed an innocent man on a motorized scooter and he hasn’t even been issued so much as a ticket.

A representative for the Georgia State Patrol said troopers were called to the intersection of Newcastle Street and Washington place around 4:30 Wednesday afternoon in response to the fatal collision.

According to officials, as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports, Atlanta police Officer Ryan Chandler, 24, ran a stop sign and was not using emergency lights at the time of the crash. The man on the scooter was taken Grady Memorial Hospital, where he died. His name has not been released.

According to police, Chandler was uninjured, but for some reason, he was taken to the hospital as well.

Highlighting the sheer above the law attitude of police in this matter is the fact that no charges have been filed in spite of all the facts already known. Officials claim that they have launched an investigation, however.

A witness showed WSB-TV a video of the aftermath which she said was so horrifying that she could not sleep after seeing it.

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