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Cops Keep Posting Pics of Pathetic Weed Busts, and They Keep Getting Owned by the Internet

One by one, police departments across the country are learning how ridiculous they look when they brag in a Facebook post about arresting someone for a plant.

Lakeland, FL — One by one, police departments across the country are learning the hard way just how asinine and tyrannical marijuana prohibition is. Despite the heavy backlash from those who see the drug war for the violent and racist despotism that it is, clueless cops keep bragging about arresting people for a plant that is legal in some form in over half the country. The latest department to get a dose of internet reality is Lakeland police department in Florida.

What stands out about this most recent Facebook pot bust post is the fact that the Lakeland police department couldn’t care less about the negative feedback they are receiving from the post. In more than a dozen comments on their post, the department defended kidnapping and caging a person for 116 grams of a plant — around the same weight as a stick of butter.

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