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Cover Up! Will Mile Wide Asteroid Impact Earth In 2028? 1997 XF11 Being Hidden From the World (Video)


From TomLupshu:

After receiving information from a very trusted colleague and fellow researcher, I have found a possible cover up that could cause major problems for the survival of humanity and possibly an extinction level event. Please listen to the entire video or you will not fully understand. I can tell and you should also be able to tell when certain agencies try to produce what I call a fluff story. I truly suspect this is what they began preparing for a long time ago. You should not worry or be afraid because if this is true there is not much any of us can do about it. However, The Governments around the world have been preparing for quite some time with Deep Underground Military Bases and let’s not forget the Global Seed Vault In Norway that was sealed up a few years ago. I honestly believe that they have been watching this object since it was discovered and are not telling the public nothing. One thing is for sure! If there is a mile wide asteroid impact event anywhere on this planet it will become like hell on earth and the aftermath with be unimaginable. I guess we will just have to wait and see. Thanks for taking the time to watch and always have a plan to Bug Out in a moments notice. I know a mile wide Asteroid sounds bad but humanity will survive. Some will survive. Thanks for your support! Take Care!

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