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Crazed Cop Torments the Wrong Citizen Who then Exposes Him as a Murderer Who Lied to Be a Cop


Princeton, TX – It seems that the Princeton police department has a murderous, abusive cop as their lieutenant who lied on his application to get the job. Sixteen years after being terminated from the Auburn, Washington police department for shooting a man in the back of the neck and killing him, Robert Michnick decided to try his hand at law enforcement again in the state of Texas. He was hired at the Princeton, Texas PD in September 2005.

However, one vigilant citizen, going by the YouTube name The Battousai, has produced a damning video exposing Michnick’s violent past. It also demonstrates that the Princeton police department did not adequately investigate Michnick before hiring him, and should review his employment relative to Texas police hiring guidelines.

The video starts with a visit to the Princeton police department, where Battousai tells Lieutenant Michnick that he is trying to find out how to file a complaint against an officer. Michnick immediately becomes arrogant and abrasive, saying, “Okay, well first, tell me what it’s about. They all work for me.

Michnick continues insisting that before Battousai can fill out the form, he must tell Michnick the name of the officer.

Unless I know who we’re talking about, I can’t help you,” says Michnick. “If you have a complaint about an officer, that’s absolutely wonderful. Let me know what the name of the officer is so I can make sure it’s with our department, and then I’ll be glad to tell you the process of how to fill out the report.
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