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Current Media Events Hint at a Fake Alien Invasion


Is the world being set up for a fake alien attack? Talk of extraterrestrials, UFOs, and even alien invasion surfaces regularly in mainstream media stories. There are scientific studies, news articles, and late-night talk shows dealing with extraterrestrials (ETs), even while the White House officially claims there are no ETs, nor has any contact ever been made.

So why would there be such a steady stream of conversation about alien visitors in current media coverage? Is it due to genuine public interest in alien contact, or could this be a case of predictive programming, with extraterrestrials sometimes being discussed or portrayed in a way that induces fear?

The Origin of the Hostile Alien False Flag

dr carol rosinIn December of 2000, former NASA scientist Dr. Carol Rosin testified as part of the Disclosure Project that she had been warned of a planned fake alien attack on humanity, slated to occur well in the future. The warning came to her decades earlier from Werner Von Braun, the German rocket scientist who was brought over to the US after WW2 as part of Operation Paperclip. During the period Rosin worked with Von Braun at Fairchild Industries, from 1974-1977, he warned her of a sinister, far-reaching plan to weaponise space, which would ultimately culminate in a staged fake alien invasion. Such an invasion would be carried out by powerful interests and ensure that all of humanity was on board with continued military spending against the false threat.

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