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Do You Dab? Concentrates Explained


Cannabis Continues to Evolve- Are You Keeping Up?

There are so many ways to enjoy cannabis now! You may be hip to the traditional flower, edibles, beverages, and/or topicals… But there is an entire category in the cannabis world that a lot of people have little to no knowledge of: CONCENTRATES.

This form of the cannabis plant has not received the shine that it deserves quite yet, but that is not due to a lack of quality or potency. It all boils down to a lack of knowledge… But you’re in luck! I’m going to give you a quick rundown of several different types of concentrates you may want to dibble and dabble in because it can be a little confusing to those not well-versed in this area.


“Concentrates” can refer to so many different things in the cannabis world nowadays, so it’s important to learn the correct terminology and the general explanation of each type. One consistent fact across the board is that an extraction process of some kind must take place to strip the cannabinoid compounds from the cannabis plant. The matter stripped from the cannabis plant is packed full of cannabinoids in every single drop, but the compounds can vary. They can range from extracts testing as high as 80% in THC to extracts being 100% non-psychoactive such as the CBD compound for a “high-less” medicated state.

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