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Darrell Issa is the JOE McCARTHY of the 21st Century.


Joe_McCarthyWOW. Are we really doing this again? This congressman with a criminal past is acting like a modern Joe McCarthy. Who will finally stand up and say,“HAVE YOU NO SHAME?”

WASHINGTON — In the name of protecting Americans’ rights against government abuses, the House of Representatives moved Wednesday to hold a former IRS official in contempt of Congress for asserting her constitutional right against self-incrimination.

Lois Lerner, who led the IRS division in charge of approving applications for tax-exempt status from political social welfare groups, twice invoked the Fifth Amendment in refusing to testify to the House Oversight Committee beyond asserting her innocence.

Lerner’s unit was found in an inspector general’s report to have used inappropriate criteria in screening groups, which led to organizations with “tea party” in their names being flagged. Some liberal groups were also scrutinized.

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