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David Icke Shatters The Antifa Left Alt Right Paradigm – Videocast Trailer


David Icke is one of those guys who has a lot of viewers/support for his work on exposing those in power and such so it’s great that he can get this out there on the far left/antifa. Hopefully they will listen to this wise mans words!

In this video he explains how ANTIFA and others on the left are not only silencing those on the far-right but those who are just to the right and those to the left and those who are straight down the middle and eventually themselves.

Freedom of speech is a right. Our bodies and minds are our own and there should be no-one at all who can tell us what we can or can’t say and in most cases what we can or can;’t do. I don’t know many of you here realise that by shutting everyone up with their opinions, we won’t have an opinion… ON ANYTHING. Children in particular won’t be able to debate/think for themselves in the years to come because of some groups of people who complain about “freedom of speech”. How daft do you have to be to not only try to silence opinion/debate but silence yourselves too??

Anyway watch the podcast, it’s very good and nobody can reach the masses on this issue as well as ‘Icke’.

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