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Is This A Dead Alien Found in Russia in 2011?


To preface this thread, I searched for any other threads on this specific one and could not find it in the 10 pages ATS provided within the search engine.

I also checked for any debunking and hoaxing. Some commenters on various videos claim fake etc. I found two articles on two separate websites, authored by the same guy “Bob Radford” making weak, typical ultra-skeptic/cover up claims as to why its a hoax. The two guys laughing at one point is apparently a red flag.

There was one other article that heavily used the terms “reportedly” and “allegedly” regarding a supposed police investigation into two teens that “reportedly” admitted to creating the “alien” with chicken skin and stuffing it with bread.

I would think the Russian government and military would be more or less in charge of a potential ET body than the police.

With that said, others are not convinced that this was a hoax.

If the mods here need to move this to hoax section for a substantial reason, or if it has been covered, my apologies.

If not, let yourself be the judge.

On April 11, 2011 a Siberian hiker was lead to a strange looking, humanoid corpse by his dog, near the town of Irkutsk, Russia. The weeks before, reports from some in the town suggested UFO sightings and a possible crash.

The man and a friend brought a video camera and filmed the alleged ET body:

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