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“How Hillary had to cheat to beat Bernie Sanders”

By now, you’ve heard someone say that the election was rigged, either by the propaganda that it was Russians, or you’ve heard the truth. The Democratic National Committee rigged the 2016 Primary in favor of Hillary Clinton in nearly every state using Voter Suppression tactics that would steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders, cheating him out of the Presidency and risking the election by disenfranchising the voters who witnessed and experienced the favoritism of Hillary Clinton. 20,000 of WikiLeak’s leaked E-Mails would prove that the Primary was rigged.

Witnesses flooded social media to show that they were unable to vote, given Provisional Ballot (used to record a vote when there are questions about a given voter’s eligibility). States like Michigan, that Bernie Sanders won would see every Superdelegate in the state go to Hillary Clinton, despite her losing the state. This would happen in various other states.

It’s time to begin educating everyone on my research. We need t be aware that New Hampshire was rigged to a tie between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Iowa was decided via a coin toss. That’s not how you decide elections. With Superdelegates with 10,000 votes and a quarter. The chapters in my book need to be taught in schools, they need to know that their democracy is a false illusion. We grew up too late learning our elections were rigged, we need to focus on future generations because it looks like this won’t end until we have election reform on both the Democratic Committee and the General Elections. Like say maybe if the count goes over 2 million, you elect the popular vote like a smart person, or hey, how about people like Jill Stein and Alexander Spielman whose idea of a ranked system where you vote more than once and in the order you would prefer? That’s the most Democratic you can get. What we have here is a Republic-Plutocracy with the illusion that your vote counts, but if we stop voting, they win. That’s what this comes down to. They want us to stop participating and only participate in voting the the “lesser of 2 evils they pick” strategy to push the country towards a corporation. They want to run America like a company where only their chosen get to choose who the Democratic Nominee is. They have this mapped out. If Hillary Clinton runs again, I have her game plan. I know what she wants to get, Superdelegates. We have one on our side like a General for the Progressive movement, Curtis Wylde. We will form, we will do the same thing as Hillary Clinton, we will seek out every Superdelegate and unite them against the DNC. We need to, that’s the only option we have left. The next option I’ve been planning for a long time, #Deny270. If they want you continue to take our democracy, we will take theirs. We have no choice but to revolt against the system, take it out from the inside and make them obey us. I look forward to a project I’d like to do where I find the Faithless Electoral voters and interview them. The Bernie Sanders delegates like Josephine Piarulli are heroes to our causes and leaders among us who have the courage to stand to their moral principals and take back our democracy. We need to united as quick as we can and revolt, take back our votes, take back our democracy and take back our freedom to vote and vote for more than 2 candidates again.

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