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Ecuador in Cahoots with US and UK Against Assange


Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno earlier said Julian Assange must eventually leave the country’s London embassy – at the time indicating it would be through dialogue.

According to an Inter-American Court of Human Rights ruling, asylum granted to anyone is irrevocable under international law. Nations are obliged to uphold asylum rights, including the right of safe passage to the country granting it.

Rule of law principles never stand in the way of US actions and aims. The same goes for co-conspiratorial nations like Britain, partnering in its high crimes.

Assange’s asylum is gravely threatened, ongoing since August 2012. Extradition to America is virtually certain if it’s illegally revoked.

A sealed indictment awaits him, revealed in mid-November. Obama declared him an enemy of the state. So did Trump regime hardliners – wanting him prosecuted for the crime of truth-telling, investigative journalism the way it’s supposed to be.

Whistleblowing, other forms of dissent, and truth-telling on vital issues are the highest forms of patriotism. Washington criminalized speech, media, and academic freedom when exposing major wrongdoing it wants suppressed. 

Chelsea Manning, Assange and others like them deserve universal praise and support, including from world community leaders, international courts, and ordinary people everywhere.

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