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Eye gazing is one of the most powerful practices on this planet, allowing us to experience a deeper connection to ourself and others. Many people, including myself, have had indescribable experiences while eye gazing, such as seeing auras, past lives, and other images. By simply looking into another person’s eyes, you can discover more about yourself, humanity as a collective, and our roles as spiritual beings.

What causes us to experience these intense feelings and visions by doing something as simple as eye gazing? Why does verbal communication all of a sudden become so difficult when we make eye contact? Scientists from Kyoto University decided to study this ever-growing phenomenon.

What Is Eye Gazing?

Eye gazing is the practice of simply looking into another being’s eyes. You could gaze into the eyes of a stranger, a family member, an animal, or a romantic partner (this is common in tantric sex). The eyes are often referred to as the gateway to the soul, meaning they can be used as a tool to look beyond the physical world and into the spiritual. While looking into another person’s eyes, it’s common for people to experience intense visions or see non-physical matter such as auras.

Italian psychologist Giovanni Caputo researched eye gazing and found that it can induce a drug-free altered state of consciousness (read our article about it here). 90% of the participants in his study claimed they saw deformed facial features, 50% said they saw their own appearance in their partner’s face, and 15% said they saw a relative’s face. 

One explanation for these experiences is neural adaptation. Our neurons can slow down and even completely stop their response to stimulation that is constant. This happens when you stare at anything — your perception changes until you blink or something within the scene changes. However, this does not account for the more spiritual aspects of eye-gazing, the powerful feelings people report, or why so many people find it so difficult.

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