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Full Video of Santa Ana Dispensary Raid Shows Even More Cops Eating Pot Edibles


cop-smoking-bongThe Weekly has obtained full and unedited footage of the Santa Ana Police Department’s May 26 raid of Sky High Holistic Collective that went viral in June. The footage contains hours of video from four separate cameras, not all of which were equipped for sound. However, footage from a camera inside the dispensary’s lobby area as well as one inside the club’s safe room appears to solve the the mystery of exactly what the officers were eating, as they confiscated box after box of dry marijuana and pot edibles.

And yes, the word “officers” is not a typo. Although the edited footage originally released showed only one officer munching on a Scooby snack while handing a treat to another cop, the full video clearly shows four officers gobbling away on what one of the cops calls “pretty good looking chocolate bars” that were retrieved from an open safe containing pot edibles.

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