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During the massive resignations of banking CEOs around the world in the early part of the year 2012 [here], there’s already a lot of speculations that some of these bad bankers will be executed for abusing the trust of the people by giving themselves huge bonuses after the $15 trillion bailout using taxpayers’ money, among other high crimes.

A year later on February 2013, the unprecedented Papal resignation occurred, further fuelling the belief that a massive global financial reset was afoot. A few weeks later and onwards, several bankers were reported jumping from their penthouses, one after another.

Although some of these dead bankers were holding key management positions, and support groups within the banking industry, i.e. programmers and analysts, not one of them came from the top echelon of the banking industry.

This fact alone gave us a strong basis for concluding that the wrong bankers were actually being suicided.

· Wrong Bankers’ Death
· Wrong Bankers’ Death 2.0
· Wrong Bankers’ Death 3.0

These bankers’ death by “suicide” occurred in the aftermath of the bailout, and during the ongoing investigation of the Libor scandal, among many other scandals at the time.

How the covert operators did it?

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