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Half The Country Doesn’t Know Who The Koch Brothers Are


WASHINGTON — More than half of the country has no idea who the Koch brothers are.

That was the news from a George Washington University Battleground poll released Tuesday morning. And it was immediately interpreted as bad news for Democrats, who have tried to turn the billionaire energy tycoons into midterm election boogeymen.

“Koch Zero?” read a headline on “Why Democrats are going to have a hard time enraging people about campaign finance.”

The article itself was more dismissive of the strategy: “We’ve long believed that attacks on two relatively low-profile billionaires isn’t likely to work for Democrats simply because, as this poll shows, people don’t know who the Koch brothers are.”

In fact, the GW Battleground survey, conducted by a bipartisan team of pollsters, doesn’t show that “people don’t know who the Koch brothers are.” It shows that about half the country doesn’t know them. It’s likely those more aware of the brothers include Democratic donors and politically attentive voters, two constituencies that Democrats are desperately trying to reach in 2014.

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