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Highly Advanced Ancient Underwater City Discovered to be 32,000 Years Old


Dwarka, which translated means “gateway,” is an ancient city submerged off the coast of India that has also come to be known as “The Atlantis of the East.” In fact, it is not one city, but two cities that are larger than Manhattan Island, and artifacts recovered from those cities thus far place the city at around 32,000 years old. Stories passed down over the ages, tell the tale of a greatly advanced city with amazing technology for its time, including but not limited to “flying crafts.” As you’ll learn in the video below, the site underwent excavation for almost 30 years, until one day it was suddenly stopped abruptly, without any word as to why. I’ll suggest why I believe it was stopped later.

Ancient sites like Dwarka and ancient artifacts that mankind is just now beginning to uncover all over the globe all point to the fact that at one point in the far distant past that “science” does not account for, there was a far more advanced civilization the existed on the earth before us. Were they the Mighty Nephilim Talked About in Genesis: Chapter 6 in the Holy Bible, or were they “Space Gods” or the creatures from far away as the ancient Sumerian texts suggest, or even something else entirely perhaps?  What are the secrets that they knew about the earth that we do not? How were they able to build such precise structures if all they had was the loin cloth they were wearing and they existed tens of  thousands of years before the advent of the wheel?

The City at Dwarka is not an isolated incident. Recently it was discovered that Egypt’s Great Pyramid at Giza is Not the Oldest or Largest Pyramid on Earth Anymore. That title now goes to a set of five megalithic pyramids found beneath the earth (pictured below) with a complex labyrinth of tunnels connecting them.


The new pyramids found are estimated to be over 30,000 years old, so that completely SHATTERS the narrative being pushed by conventional “science” and “academia” today. In just a short time since their discovery, over 400,000 man hours of research have gone into researching the ancient pyramids, and no matter how much modern “science” wants them to go away, the fact remains that there are five pyramids, and they are over 30,000 years old. The response from modern “science’” is to simply act like they were never found.

Does that strike you as odd? I find that very strange, and I’ll share with you my hypothesis, along with some other links supporting my theory below for your consideration. My longstanding theory, when taken in conjunction with an article just posted yesterday, stating that the Secret Identity of the Man Who Created the Georgia Guidestone’s Has Been Discovered, suggest that I am on the right path.  The video below is done by a man and his wife who began a non-profit organization and have dedicated their lives to finding answers not just about Dark, but about what they believe is a very important link between these ancient past invitations, and the future of humanity. I too think the connection between the ancient past and humanity’s future is so strong, that certain groups are trying desperately to keep the lid on much of what IS known for their own benefit. In essence, if I am write, they are conducting the biggest cover-up in human history. You may recall, the First Commandment of the Guidestones reads:


In the video below,  what you are about to discover, may force humankind to reconsider everything we know about historic civilizations, ancient technology, and what lies in store for our uncertain future. A look at the strange ancient artifacts that regularly wash up on the shores of modern-day Dark… and what they could mean. Astronomical expert Dr. Narahari achar’s irrefutable evidence that Dark could be one of the oldest civilizations in human history. Did Dark possess futuristic flying machines and nuclear weapons thousands of years before the rest of the world?

This compelling evidence is impossible to ignore, and furthermore, it begs the question, after 30 years, why the indian government abruptly forced the original Dark excavation team to halt all exploration of its ruins on the Arabian sea bed.

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