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Podesta-HillaryJohn Podesta won’t give up on getting explanations for the unexplained.

The truth is out there, and Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta won’t rest until everyone knows it. At Vox Media’s Code Conference on Thursday, the unapologetic believer in extraterrestrial life yet again argued that it is time the government opened up all of its files on U.F.O.s to the public.

“Politicians in governments tend to think that it’s not a career-enhancer” to talk about aliens, Podesta acknowledged during an onstage interview with Ezra Klein, Recode reports. But the former chief of staff to Bill Clinton remains adamant that the government should open up its books on U.F.O.s—or, more accurately, unidentified aerial phenomena (U.A.P.s). “Rather than being embarrassed and ashamed about it . . . I say let’s open it up to the public,” Podesta said.

This is nothing new for Podesta, who has a long history of fighting for the disclosure of government information on the topic and is well-known for his preoccupation with the unexplained. Podesta told Klein he was involved in a Freedom of Information Act case pushing for the declassification of files on an unexplained plane crash in 1969 after he left the White House. When he stepped down as an advisor to President Barack Obama, Podesta tweeted, “Finally, my biggest failure of 2014: Once again not securing the #disclosure of the U.F.O. files. #thetruthisstilloutthere”—invoking the famous tagline fromThe X-Files.(Of course, he watched the show.) According toThe New York Times, the political aide took his Mulder and Scully fandom to a whole new level during the Clinton presidency by heading an X-Files fan club and a 50th-birthday party themed after the popular show.

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