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The Dervaes family, a family of four in Pasadena, California, grows around 6,000 pounds of produce each year on their property—less than one tenth of an acre! They have nicknamed their mini farm the “Urban Homestead.” One of the best things about this home (aside from the efficiency of space), is that all of the food grown there is entirely organic! Imagine going to your backyard and harvesting your own fruits and vegetables for each meal of the day. This idea puts a whole new meaning to the phrase “from farm to table.”

Head of the family, Jules Dervaes, started the farm 30 years ago in an effort to take back natural food produced the way that was aligned with his own values, and to develop a deeper sense of environmental consciousness.

Jules has 3 children that have been a part of this amazing project for nearly all of their lives, and they have all helped to utilize every inch of their property to support a huge variety of organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Everything produced on the Urban Homestead is free of chemical pesticides and fertilizers and is grown organically.

Not every year is the same, however. Yields and varieties can fluctuate, but during peak years the small farm can accommodate about 400 varieties of plants. Factors such as drought, insects, urban wildlife, and even shadows from neighbouring trees and homes can all lead to smaller yields, crop sizes, and varieties. On top of all the produce, which is more than the family of four eats, eggs, honey, and biodiesel are also produced.

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