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September-11-2017 America! I would like to share with everyone. My true short story of survival Has I Remember It.Being Human with Mega Flaws. I strive Everyday to Better Myself In JESUS Name Amen ! I dedicate my story to all of our Veteran’s, who have suffered and sacrificed for our country. Who can’t get the respect , and help they deserve. “BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE” !and GOOD THINGS HAPPEN TO BAD PEOPLE ! In the end the CREATOR wins America. This will be the first time I have talked about this to the out side world. This seems to be more and more common place then our so called media will ever report on. In 2007 of October me and my wife were Home Invaded.Three Evil Devil demons kicked in our door .With in 5 seconds they had guns in our faces demanding money.These Non-Human’s In my Mind As I Look Back were So Evil They Are Crazy Satan Driven Souls. No Regard For Anyone’s Lives , but there Own Sick ,Twisted, Animals Home,and Life Invaders. As two of the Evil intruders held us at gun point, we could here another ransacking the house. I’ve Only been scared Two Other Times This Bad in all my life America. As I look back on this horrific night. The only explanation is the Creator was in that room.It was like we were in a really bad movie. Gone all wrong! They keep screaming “Were is the money”! over and over again.I told them all we had was the money in my wallet.The shooter ripped my wallet off the table next to the bed.He then screamed were is the rest of it mfer? I said that’s it.He yelled your a lair and pointed the gun directly at my head,and shouted all of it mfer or you die, right here, right now.I pleaded that’s it and he let out a huge laugh and pulled the trigger. It was like everything was in slow motion America. In was just That 2001 Terror Attract On We the People. Slow Motion ,and Couldn’t Be-live it was really Happening. The Evil Gun pointed the gun at my head Your Going To Die ! BOOM ! He pulled The Trigger. The gun went off and as fast as GODS ! lighting Speed. I threw my right foot up blocking the bullet, from penetrating my head.The bullet entered at the top of my foot and exited out my ankle shattering bones.The pain was so bad,and Intense, I screamed like a bat screeching in the night. At that moment I thought I was going to die.As the shooter yelled again “where’s the money” I was screaming for “Jesus” at the same time. to Forgive US of all OUR Sins! I could feel Gods Presence all around Us. America,as I Repented,Crying out For Jesus ! I really believed. I was going to Die, but Unafraid,I was ready to Meet my Maker America.He started walking around the bed and shot me again . As I reached for my wife to cover her up. This time threw my right hip, Exploding thew My Right Hip Burning a Path threw my Body. Exiting Out my Inner thigh Hitting My Right Ball, Bouncing Off it Quickly Grazing my forehead Upward. knocking my head Back, and it Penetrated thew the Ceiling. As I look back now I realize,God gave me at That moment,Balls of Steal,and Proofing I was as Hard headed as People have always said I was. Bullets trump flesh America, But The Creator Trumps Evil and there Deeds against Good Souls of The Lord.He then shot my Wife twice threw her thigh and her ass.The Devil Servant than Quickly, took out a knife cutting her than me on top our heads.Laughing Violently,as Like a Crazy High Demon He was. Which later required staples to close.Oh America, I still have recurring nightmares to this day. I know for a fact these Drug driven DEMONS were out of there Minds. A real Human could have never done these Acts of Violence To Another Human Being America. I will never forget or forgive. Revenge is Mine Sath the Lord. I just Pray His Punishment suites the Crime.Now, as these animals tore into me. Screaming and Yelling, Laughing like a pack of Hyena’s. All These EVIL Satan Demon’s preceded to torture me. Beating me with my own hammer head to toe .While the other EVIL bastard began stabbing me multiple times.Only god knows how long I submitted, until I blacked out.A minute of this non-stop Torch-er In My Mind seemed Like Hours in My Mind, friends.When I came too.I Looked Around the Room as it was Rapidly filling with Smoke and seen our room in flames. I attempted to get up and fell to the floor like a broken Rag Doll as my shattered foot crumpled beneath me America.They had sprayed My Own lighter fluid all over US,and The house and It burned Down to the Ground BLAM !!! By the grace of GOD We found the strength to stumble to Front yard has the House became quickly engulfed in flames.We came out of the burning house barely. As I hopped to the street. As blood was poring Out Our wounds.My Wife managed to Staggered across the Street Screaming for help. The police arrived 20 minutes later to our house.By that time. I felt I was bleeding out,It was Only by the grace of the Creator, whom was in that room that,Faithful,Glorious night.We both are Alive to tell the story.America going threw this will stay with me all my days.By the Power of Jesus Christ Satan lost another Round. Hallelujah, Glory Be to God America. Now you would think something as horrible as this. It would bring a Husband and wife closer.Hell No! Did the Opposite. Were both permanently Mentally,and Physically disabled.The next day the Indianapolis,Star and news and Insult to Injury.Theirs 3 evil criminals running Loose and the Paper was so Kind they Printed our names,ages,and were we were at ? Yes ! they Did. Basically, Telling were they could come and finish the Job? WOW Right America? Satan wasn’t close to being done.We was thrown out the Hospital To the streets Homeless.The very next Morning. Now I Am at this point Psychically,Mentally, shattered broken man.Thank God for the RED CrOSS. They Put Us up in a Hotel For One Month. Now the Evil Insurance company refused to help or pay anything.I can’t make this bull up America. Truth came Months Later.They said there was a (Assault clause)on that house. It was My {Brothers House}Which meant America,Since we were almost Brutally Murdered in the house from home invaders.That excluded us from any and all help.Even the Church I attended for over 25 Years would not Help. When I went there With my niece while in My wheel chair,Homeless. After starting to tell her my story. She Rudely Interrupted me Saying. The Woman in the front Office Stated. ” We Don’t Give Hand Outs” From the police to the State,My entire Family,so called Friends. I was deemed unimportant and discarded to the streets, homeless,The very next morning from the Hospital. I alone to a wheel chair living in my pick-up.I sent my wife to her moms house. She later joined the rest of the False,Fake asses Blaming me For everything.I live in Kansas Now.Not in the Terrible state of Indiana. I won’t EVER Cross that State Line Ever Again. Later on I dealt with infections from my injury’s. I was on my own.I was blamed by everyone that it was some how. what happened that night was all my fault,and mine alone.Demonized,all the way.common Place in this P.C.Crazy upside down, ass backwards world were they Blame the Victim. For four years!, I wondered the streets in my wheel chair With a card board sign begging for help at off ramps just to Survive in America. Trying everything to stay a live. After we were almost Murdered. I had to endure much more.Eating in missions,sleeping in my truck.After over a year passed,and In 2008 America. I had to have Brain Surgery. They keep me for a total of 5 Whopping day’s. Saying, The Insurance says. I was not covered anymore and I must go.They tossed Me to the street again.America at this point in my life. After almost losing my life.I lost my Wife, my job,a roof over my head, Well,Everything!Everything but My Faith In Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior America. Finally In March of 2010,I landed on my Nieces basement couch. She such a good girl.I was lucky to have that. The others treated me like the Plague In Indiana. America.Finally in Early August of 2010. My twin brother came thru town, on his way to Kansas to Trade dogs with a lady.He asked me, if I wanted to come along ? The CREATOR told me America ? Go, and you will find a new life.I left that Horrible state,I still Listen to my Pastors Preaching to this . Pastor Mooney, Of Calvary,in Indianapolis.Came to The Great state of Kansas. I filed once again for help,and low and behold.I finally got approved,and for the first year I slept on the floor America.I was grateful for that. A roof over my broke down body, and mind. It had been like one long nightmare America.The Creator has shown me how to turn my hate into compassion,Love,in my new life.A gift of continued life here on this awesome planet.I have indeed been thru a lot, both mentally and Physically everyone.Now, since arriving here in September 2010.I had to Have another Major surgery on my left ankle in 2012. Which put me back into a wheel chair for 7 more months. while fighting thru I could only think how good the Creator has been to me. I have awesome doctors, I have made great strides since then. Many Thanks, to the good people here like Elizabeth,and Many More.My Awesome Doc’s, whom has guided me back to health. I Paid my dues, got my License. unfortunately at my current income from disability,$558. Makes it impossible to save for a vehicle America. Since all the system seems to be on a collision course. So I will conclude with this America ,THANK YOU !To the Great people here in Kansas My new Home. LIKE OZ “THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME”LOL LOL! what ever the Creator,has in store would be fine. I am a simple man with simple needs.I want to be able to move around, and share with others. My journey in life to share, help and touch lives to pay it forward America.Reality here is. There are no buses,taxi’s, The closest store is about 5 miles away. With my disability’s.They won’t allow me to walk that far. I am Blessed with a ride to the store once a week. I haven’t been able to go anywhere on my own since 2009. I just pray some great people out there can help me, by donating to to help disabled Americans.I Pray just To be-able to feel free and independent once again, and to feel a small since of conformance to my New future, and Life America.MAY THE Creator bless you all in every-way possible.I know in my heart thru all the hell and high waters in life . The Creator has blessed me with the most important thing.Continued life, and To be able to receive and give Unconditional love. To help others Anytime, Anywhere As I have always tried to do. To forgive, Not for the Evil doers, but for myself Mentally,and Physically. Feel free to comment and write me. You all are in my thoughts and prayers daily my friends. I have found out the hard way. True friends are very Hard to come by. All we have to do is reach out with Love,Compassion,Empathy,and above all Honesty America.Help enough people find,and get what they need and my needs will be meant.I love drawing wildlife pictures and will share them as life go’s on.I hope they can bring you all a smile in these difficult times. Love To all, James. Thanks for taking the time to read my story .Remember We are All ARE ONE.Finally With The Internet Truth and Facts are Available to We the people in real time to Destroy Lies instantly.Praise the CREATOR AMEN !Happy 2017 America. IN GOD ! I Trust In Jesus Name Amen. Remember Acts 2:38 and Acts 2:39 Is the Answer.God Speed! and God bless you all ! GOD SPEED !ACTS 2:38 & ACTS 2:39 ESCAPE SATAN’S GRIP NOW !

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