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Images of Pluto and Charon continue to captivate Nasa: ‘This world is alive’


Pluto-CharonThe newest images and data from Pluto continue to astound Nasa scientists, lead researcher Alan Stern said on Monday, telling a university hall that “2015 will be a year in textbooks forever” as the point when mankind unveiled the world on the edge of its solar system.

“This world is alive,” Stern said of Pluto to a packed room at the University of Alberta. “It has weather, it has hazes in the atmosphere, active geology.”

Last week Nasa released its highest resolution photos yet of the dwarf planet and its largest moon, Charon, revealing new mysteries that its spacecraft New Horizons had uncovered at the edge of the solar system.

The space agency plans to unveil new data and images on Thursday. “Every week I am floored,” Stern said. “Nasa won’t let me tell you what we’re going to tell you on Thursday. It’s amazing.”

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