Intruder seen on baby monitor camera in Billings home (or was it a ghost?)



The Billings Police Department is making the public aware of an incident which took place in the Billings Heights in the area of the Emma Jean subdivision.

On February 23 at about 9:30 at night, Billings police responded to a possible burglary.

It was a frightening night for one woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, after she says she saw a man on the baby monitor in her infant daughter’s room.

The victim says the baby monitor is synced to her cell phone and is motion activated.

After the victim says she saw the picture of a man in her daughter’s room, she immediately removed her daughter from the bedroom and left the house.

By the time BPD arrived, the suspect was gone.

If you have any information about the suspect, contact the billings police department at 657.8200 or crime stoppers at 245.6660. | Local News, Weather & Sports | Billings, MT


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