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ISIS downs chopper in Syria: Where do their weapons & intelligence come from?

As a military helicopter was downed in Syria by Islamic State, resulting in the deaths of two Russian pilots, RT sits down with political analyst Catherine Shakdam, who says that while soldiers die fighting terror, some governments continue pushing for their political agendas.

Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) militants shot down a military helicopter in Syria on July 8, killing two Russian military instructor pilots. This took place near Palmyra where another Russian lieutenant was killed in action earlier this year.

The helicopter had been attacking terrorists at Damascus’ request when it was taken down, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

RT: Does this attack on the helicopter mean ISIS has weapons capable of shooting down an aircraft. Is this a new development?

Catherine Shakdam: Definitely, and I think it is quite worrying. It is harks back to stories we’ve heard, allegations that were made just a few weeks ago about Jordan with rumors that certain intelligence officers who were actually selling some of the weapons, which were earmarked for so-called moderates. The US and UK have been so keen on poking and helping. We have this question for years now. This is a huge question mark: What it is what they have, what can they do, what will they do with it? And what are they planning to gain?

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