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Judge Rules Against Ex-DEA Informant, Shows How The System Is Designed To Screw Sources


The United States Government cannot be trusted
corrupt-deaA federal judge sided with the U.S. government on Friday, dismissing a lawsuit brought by a former confidential informant for the Drug Enforcement Administration who claimed the agency owed him for 29 years of undercover work.

The DEA and other federal law enforcement agencies use such informant programs extensively. A judge’s decision to grant the government’s motion to dismiss the $5 million lawsuit in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims demonstrates how officials take advantage of confidential sources without worrying about potential legal or financial liability.

Carlos Toro, a 66-year-old Colombian national who has lived in the U.S. for nearly 50 years, began working for the DEA in the 1980s. He used his former position with the Medellín cartel in South Florida to help build investigations.

For nearly three decades, Toro worked on and off as an informant, providing intelligence in a number of big-name drug trafficking cases and going undercover in the U.S., South America and Europe.

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