Leaked video shows Trump hating MSNBC douchebag snowflake maltdown during commercial breaks


Lawrence O’Donnell had a really bad night on August 29, 2017.

We draw that conclusion based on the above clip obtained by Mediaite, showing behind the scenes footage of a furious O’Donnell absolutely going bananas in what appear to be breaks in his show.

The video, which lasts a full eight minutes, is a collection of clips from one evening (given O’Donnell’s consistent outfit) and show the MSNBC anchor fuming about earpiece malfunctions, blasting off obscenities and screaming at his staff.

We were able to link it back to the August 29 show. After introducing a clip about President Donald Trump, O’Donnell pauses, and during what one can presume was the clip going on air, a sudden flush of anger creeps onto his face.

“What’s going on, why am I losing this, why don’t I have sound,” he starts, voice rising.

“Who’s asking for a Labor Day rundown in my ear?” “God dammit,” he mutters, shaking his head, before bursting into a brief spasm of fury and slamming his fists on the desk.

In the next clip, O’Donnell finishes up a segment, and declares: “There’s insanity in the control room tonight.” He then begins to visibly shake with anger, but manages to hold his tongue, and continues reading from the prompter.

“You have insanity in my earpiece,” O’Donnell then seethes through tightly drawn lips.

“Fuckin.” The pattern continues in subsequent clips, with O’Donnell continuing to complain angrily about someone talking into his earpiece.

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