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Markings On Scaled Composites’ ARES Confirm Its Connection To Mysterious Model 401 Jets


A comical sticker on the ARES jet gives us the conclusive answers we were looking for as to the Model 401’s lineage.

The War Zone recently published an exclusive story about Scaled Composites’ stealthy new Model 401 demonstrator aircraft. It featured new candid photographs of one of the stealthy planes and we were able to decode evidence that the two new aircraft seem to have a direct connection to the company’s ARES (Agile Responsive Effective Support) jet that first flew nearly three decades ago. We even figured out the nicknames of the pair of new aircraft. Now we have confirmation that they are indeed the ‘sons’ of ARES.

While attending an experimental aircraft fly-in at Mojave Air and Space Port this weekend, Scott Lowe gave ARES—which was on display—a close inspection. One of the stencils on the flying experimental test platform included a comical “chemtrail tank” inscription. But located just below that was a “world’s greatest dad” sticker like those found on some suburbanite minivans, but instead of silhouettes of a father and son, it was ARES next to two Model 401s.

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