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Antonin_Scalia-corporate-whoreSenior Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Antonin Scalia died from as yet unknown reasons while on an all-expenses paid boondoggle to a five-star resort ranch in the middle of nowhere in extreme West Texas.

Scalia’s host, John B. Poindexter, the billionaire owner of J. B. Poindexter & Co. Inc. of Houston, had an age discrimination case before the Supreme Court last year.

Scalia was one of the judges who found in favor of Poindexter by refusing to hear the age discrimination case (Hinga, James V. Mic Group) and it appears that Scalia’s “quail hunting” trip to Poindexter’s Cibolo Creek Ranch was a payback for the Supreme Court’s legal largesse.

Poindexter admitted the free trip was a “gift” to Scalia.

Poindexter claims traditionally he does not charge his VIP guests for their stay at a number of the getaways Scalia attended.

However, he was adamant that he did not pay for Scalia’s air travel to the Cibolo Creek airport on a private executive jet.

However, Cibolo Creek Airport is owned by Southwestern Holdings, Inc. of Houston, which is owned by Poindexter and other reports indicated that Scalia’s air travel was also provided gratis by Poindexter.

The Cibolo airport has been served by Cibolo Air’s fleet of two propeller-driven King Air 65-C90s (tail numbers N80TB and N690JP).

Cibolo Air is also owned by Poindexter.

The airport once had a Hughes TH-55 (N2090L) helicopter present but it was de-registered in 2013 with no information available about its final disposition in Oklahoma.

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