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Merck Rep Spills the Beans on Vaccines! It’s All About the Profits!


Vaccines_are_About_Profit_NOT_your_HEALTHBrandy Vaughan, a former sales rep for Merck & Co, details how vaccine companies are using vaccines as a vehicle for massive profit and not public health.  Brandy decided to become an activist when the demons in our state and federal government began pushing through mandatory vaccine laws.  Brandy says giving children vaccines is like playing Russian roulette with our children and furthermore mandatory vaccination is simply a way for vaccine makers to make huge profits off our children.

Please post Brandy’s video on all social networks.  I think she’s a great speaker and has the experience with Merck and how they covered up the harm they were doing with the drug Vioxx.   Email her video to all your friends and tell them to do the same!  It’s fun to spread the truth and destroy the lies of the new world order!

Our entire medical system is a fraud.  The ONLY thing I trust them for is trauma care.  But it all makes sense when you know John D. Rockefeller created the modern allopathic (focused on drugs) medical system.  Of course, John D. Rockefeller never used any of these harmful drugs he made money on himself, he had his own naturopath doctor that used natural cures till the day he died of very old age!  His allopathic medical system was part of the new world order plan to control the world’s population, make them sick and make money all the way.  It’s a brilliant plan if you think about it.  And many of you reading this article are still falling for it!  Going to your Rockefeller trained man in the white coat to give you some poison pills at the drug store that never cure you of anything.  I am curing my own high blood pressure naturally with a product created by a Nobel winning doctor that costs less than a $1 a day!   In less than 3 weeks I’m already seeing results and I feel great.    I don’t trust M.D.s with anything unless I have broken bones or blown out knees.

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