Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke shockingly denies existence of police brutality and racism in the U.S.

sheriff david clarke

Sometimes, someone can say something so foolish, so outrageous, so offensive, so dishonest, that it truly takes your breath away.

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke just won the lifetime achievement award for the complete and utter buffoonery that came out of his mouth on Fox News. It’s so ignorant and shocking that he somehow found a way to lower the bar for Fox.

Very little surprises me nowadays, but the following 37 seconds from David Clarke truly left me stumped.

Yeah, that just happened. Sheriff Clarke flat out denied that police brutality and racism even exist. He didn’t imply that activists exaggerate the role of racism and police brutality in law enforcement, he clearly and emphatically stated that they ended fifty years ago. Few videos will ever sum up just how deep the divide between police and the community truly is like what just came out of the mouth of Sheriff David Clarke.

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